Tips for buying a Bocce Set

Very rarely do shops and other web sites provide customers with the insight to buy a Bocce Ball set that is right for them. Often a person will walk into a store and buy whatever set is available, without knowing how suitable it is for the type of Bocce they will be playing. offers a variety of sets, differentiated by their size, their price and their suitability for different age groups and for playing different types of Bocce. Based on customer feedback would like to offer some general guidelines to help newcomers or even experienced players choose the right set to buy.

Buying for a preschool aged child

The 80+ mm set is ideal for young children in the age range of approx 3-7 years old. The balls are small in size and light in weight, so they can throw them or roll them with ease. Also, the balls consist of 4 colors (red, yellow, blue and green) which make them very appealing to young children. However, please note that these balls are heavier enough to hurt young children if they are used incorrectly, so we do strongly recommend that adult supervision is provided when kids in this age group are playing Bocce. 

Buying for an older child

Depending on the age of the children, there are a couple of options. If they are approx 7-10 years old, then the 90 mm set would be a good idea, based on the size and weight of the balls. If the children are older, they can probably handle throwing and rolling the 100 mm balls. 

Just playing for family fun - Backyard Bocce

One of the lighter sets, such as the 100mm or the 107mm, would be a good idea. Since the venues are more likely to be gardens, parks, beaches and other areas of mixed terrain, you will want balls that are light and easy to throw. Often these settings will have slopes or hills, trees and rocks, which mean balls are more likely to be thrown than rolled through the thick grass. 

Buying a gift for someone

Not an easy recommendation to make, because there is no indication if the person receiving the gift has a size/weight preference for the balls or is more likely to play Backyard Bocce or Court Bocce. One of the lighter sets, such as 100mm or 107mm, would be a good idea. While the majority of people can play with a lighter set, some people may get discouraged if the sets are too heavy for them, particularly if they end up only playing Backyard Bocce. The 100 mm set is light and great for having fun in different Backyard Bocce settings. Alternatively, the 107mm set is often considered a safe bet to purchase as a gift. This is because it offers a good balance between playing Backyard or Court Bocce. On the one hand, the balls are still light enough to throw in Backyard Bocce settings, but on the other hand they are heavy enough to roll well on Bocce courts. 

No idea what to buy!

Confused by the terminology and still unsure what to buy? This is similar to the last situation, where someone is buying a Bocce Ball set as a gift. Again, it is hard to say if the set will be used for Backyard Bocce or Court Bocce or if the person has a size/weight preference for the balls. One of the lighter sets, such as 100mm or 107mm, would probably be the best idea, for all the reasons given in the last tip about buying a set as a gift. 

Just playing Court Bocce

This relates more to the serious players, which means one of the 107mm, 110mm or 114mm sets would be most suitable. All of these sets are recognized by the International Bocce Association for tournaments. Their larger sizes and heavier weights make them ideal for rolling on the Court Bocce surfaces. If there is a personal preference for larger, heavier balls then the 114 mm set would be best. If there is a personal preference for smaller, lighter balls, then the 107mm set would be a good fit. Alternatively, if size and weight are not a concern for you, then the 110mm sets might be the best option. This tends to be the most popular size for serious Court Bocce players and at the present time, offers the widest range of color options for this size. 

Playing both Backyard and Court Bocce

There are a couple of options to satisfy this scenario. One option would be to purchase the 107mm set, as this offers a good balance between the two types of Bocce. On the one hand, the balls are still light enough to throw in Backyard Bocce settings, but on the other hand they are heavy enough to roll well on Bocce courts. A second option, depending on your budget, would be for you to purchase 2 sets with balls of contrasting size and weight. For example, the 100 mm set for Backyard Bocce and the 110 mm set for Court Bocce. 

Need something unique? Try "Glo in the Dark" sets

For something completely new and original, try the Glow in the Dark sets from EPCO! They come in a couple of sizes, 107mm and 110mm and consist of 4 unique colors - "Glo Red", "Glo Orange", "Glo Green", and "Glo Yellow". You can play with them any time and if you want them to glow in the dark, you must play under "dark light". 

How about customized sets?

Currently, we are able to offer some customizations with the 110 mm EPCO sets. We can create an 8 ball set for you, consisting of any combination of the 4 colors - red, white, blue, green. For example, some people like to go for non standard color combinations with 2 colors, such as green and white. Others go for sets with 2 balls of each of the 4 colors. If you would like to buy a set of balls not already shown in our list, please email and indicate what you would like. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours. 

Buying a top of the line set - EPCO

The sets manufactured by EPCO include the highest quality Bocce Balls available on the market today. They emphasis quality, precision and style. With regards to design and manufacturing, they combine the best of both worlds. They are designed and made by Italians, and are manufactured in America using state of the art manufacturing processes. The balls are a solid one-piece construction, manufactured of Partek composition resin material and manufactured to International Bocce Association specifications. EPCO balls have been used in the World Bocce Championships. If you can afford to pay a little extra, you won't be disappointed! 

Buying with budget limitations provides a selection of the best Bocce sets on the market today. If you can't afford to pay the slightly higher prices for the EPCO sets, we do offer some excellent sets in each size category at  more economical prices. These are the ones made by Spalding and Sportcraft. Depending on which size you buy (see previous tips), they can make ideal choices for any combination of Court or Backyard Bocce. The most important point to remember is that you don't need to spend top dollar to enjoy a game of Bocce.