10 reasons to buy a Bocce Set

Here are 10 compelling reasons why you should strongly consider buying a Bocce Ball set. After reading these, there can be no excuses for not buying one, so please check out our amazing selection of sets!

Bocce is a fun game, yet it can also be highly competitive.

Play a casual, recreational game with friends and family or develop the skills, strategy and judgment to play in one of the many competitive leagues. Bocce is often described as a mix of the French bowling game  Petanque (where the balls are thrown), and the English lawn bowling game (where the balls are rolled).  Bocce balls can be either thrown or rolled, depending on the nature of the game. Due to its strategic nature, Bocce is also described as having elements of shuffleboard, golf, pool, billiards and croquet. When you play competitive Bocce, it becomes a serious sport where a fraction of an inch can be the difference between victory and loss. Another option for playing Bocce is to use it for Physical Education in the school programs. This is becoming a popular choice of many schools through out North America.

Bocce can be played any time, any place, any where.

Play it indoors or outdoors, night and day, all year round. Play Court Bocce on a proper Bocce court (for example, many courts are found in areas where there are Vineyards). Play Backyard Bocce on a variety of surfaces, such as on the beach, on the driveway, in the park or in the backyard. The more uneven the terrain and the more obstacles to play around, the more unpredictable, suspenseful and fun the game becomes. One piece of advice - always carry your Bocce Ball set in the car, because you never know when you might stumble across a new playing opportunity! One other suggestion, take your Bocce set into work and play a game down the corridors and between the cubicles. It is great fun! There is no better way to bond with your coworkers, assuming your boss does not mind!

Bocce is a game for people of all ages and both sexes.

It lends itself to all walks of life, from preschoolers and older kids, to students, to families and to seniors. For young children, this becomes a sport that they can play for the rest of their lives. It teaches them a number of things including etiquette, finesse, good sportsmanship, good hand eye coordination and how to judge distances. It builds confidence in them, as they learn to master a new skill. For older kids and students, the game is a good way to hang out with friends or make new friends. For adults and families, what better way to have fun together, socialize and develop lasting relationships in the community. For seniors, playing this game is an ideal way to enjoy retirement.

Bocce is a social magnet and an excellent ice breaker.

It is great for events such as parties, barbecues and camping trips. Since the game is played with 8 balls, you can mix up people to play in teams of 2 or 4. You can also play other games (such as "killer"), which can involve any number of people. “Nothing beats a sunny day, a glass of wine, good food and the thunderous crack of colliding Bocce balls”.

Bocce Ball sets make excellent gifts for every occasion.

Go ahead and buy someone a set as a house warming gift, for Christmas, for birthday, for Father's Day, for Mother's Day, for Valentine's Day or for any other reason you can think of. They will thank you for it! 

The game is easy to learn and inexpensive to play. 

You only need 10 minutes to learn and understand the rules. You only need to buy one set of balls (which includes the pallina). No other equipment or maintenance is needed. If you buy one of the high quality sets, you may never need to replace it! 

Bocce is a game that does not require athletic ability.

Anyone can play this game. You don't have to be Michael Jordan to play this game. Physical attributes, such as speed and strength, provide no advantages. All you need to do is either roll the ball or throw the ball. However, having said that, the more competitive players are able to combine excellent hand-eye coordination and finesse, with an endless stream of strategy and gamesmanship to make this a very challenging game. One other interesting feature of Bocce is that it is now one of the most popular sports in the Special Olympics.

Bocce brings communities together and improves neighborhoods.

When you read through the other 9 reasons for buying a Bocce Ball set, no wonder it benefits the community! Organize a Bocce fund raising day for your school, or get all the mum's and dad's together for a night out,  or have a Bocce themed picnic with your coworkers, or invite your neighbor out for a game or even ask a curious passerby to join you for a game. There are infinite ways to use Bocce to enhance the enjoyment of your local community! Also, any time a community comes together on a regular basis, the neighborhood starts improving. Consequently, it starts attracting more people which can help lead to increased property values.

If you love all things Italian, then you will love Bocce.

Italian culture has so many wonderful things to offer. If you like to spend time enjoying the basic luxuries of drinking espresso and eating gelato or pasta, then you will definitely enjoy the simple elegance and irresistible nature of Bocce.

Help promote the rapidly growing sport of Bocce.

Share in the vision that “Someday all American families will have a Bocce Ball set in their garage, along side the soccer ball, the baseball, the football and the basketball.”